safety training at camp hero


The most important safety rules for girls.

Learning assertiveness, awareness, prevention, and response.

Each day has a one hour safety lesson. Girls start by brainstorming ideas with their group to answer questions like "what should you do to be aware of your surroundings?", or "how can you present yourself confidently?" Students get to share their ideas before we learn the official GirlSafe tips on the topic.

GirlSafe Topics Learned at Camp Hero:

Situational Awareness: How to be aware of your surroundings.

Street Safety: What rules you should follow to stay safe in public.

Internet Safety: How to stay safe online.

Confidence Rules: How to present yourself and stand up for yourself confidently.

Travel Safety: How to stay safe when travelling.

Emergency Responses & Escapes: Expert tips on what to do in emergency situations, and how to escape a car.

Learning games that help students practice, and keep learning fun and engaging.

GirlSafe Themed HeadsUp: girls must explain a safety related word to their teammate without using the word.

GirlSafe Jeopardy: for points, girls must answer questions with their team about safety concepts.

Stare Down: girls practice a fighters stare down, helping them gain comfort with confrontation and standing their ground.

Movie Auditions: girls practice their assertive voices and body language by creating scenes with their partners.

Whats Missing: girls practice observation skills by memorizing the room layout before and after changes.

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